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In 1996 Myc 5 was founded in order to be a reliable supplier of materials for the professional needs and specific complements for the development of the professional activity for nursery operators and gardeners. After more than 20 years we continue delivering service with the same enthusiasm and commitment by a devoted team.

With the experience and desire to innovate, we offer solutions to suit your needs, while maintaining a high level of quality in the production of your Nurseries, Garden Center, City councils or Landscaping companies in general.


Our challenge is to help you in your professional activity, offering you the latest industry trends and anticipating new technologies. We hope to fulfill your needs and solve your problems or concerns. We are at your disposal for any enquiry.

Thanks for your confidence.

KEY SECTORS OF ACTIVITY We focus our activity on those sectors to provide the best solutions for your needs,
while at the same time, maintaining a high level of quality


We have expertise in meeting the needs of nursery operators, from plants specimens to seasonal ones, with all the specific complements for each specialization.


We have a wide decorative range, structure and Garden furniture as well as the latest news and trends to provide optimal decoration for designers, private individuals, garden centers ...


The increasingly technical demands of customers require landscaping professionals to have the latest developments in specific materials and classic products, for both professionals, city councils or public institutions.


Our wide range of products brings more and more professional fields together, that require high standards of expert suppliers and specific materials of modern agriculture.

Special offers and news

We present you the latest articles and news we have added to our product catalog
as well as special offers

Large format bowls for exemplary Bonsai plants.

8.35 €
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A solution to prevent spiralization of roots in pots.

From:18,45 €
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Anchor entutorar a tree trunk two distant to tutors.

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BioMant Aqua

Weed control with hot water at 100ºC

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Mankar-P 50

Application of the herbicide undiluted.

Ultra Bajo Volumen

From:1.432 €
1 unit left
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Mankar GP 70-110

Aplicación del herbicida sin diluir.

Ultra Bajo Volumen

1.908,00 €
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Malla Premium

Plantex 68 gr/m2 - Bag 2x3 m

From:4,00 €
13 units left
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Flexible Flowerpot

Ideal for bulbs and plants that require special substrate.

2,00 €
10 units left
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